Berce Estate's main engagement is grape cultivation, wine production and production of  other home-made products. Our offer consists of open wines, one liter glass bottled wines and superb glass bottled wines known under brand name VINDOR, as well as home-made products like marmalades and liqueurs.

The Berce family and the Counts of Dornberg originate from same historical backgrounds. There are a lot of documents available about the Count of Dornberg, his garden ROSENPLATZ and the small chapel, called SANTANELA, situated on the edges of his  manor. Documentation itself describes tradition of wine-growing and the efficency and the impact of our hard working ancestors on our habits, tradition and identity.

There is a statement present in one document, dating back to year 1486, which proofs the Berce family to be the owner of the vineyard which we still own today. Manuscripts and oral tradition (Family Tree from year 1610)  are evidences as well that wine-growing and winemaking are truly a part of our heritage.

Vindor – Fine Wines

In 1999 we started for the first time with wine marketing of our trade mark VINDOR.

The name VINDOR reveals our identity: VINes DORnberk, but the word itself discloses other meanings as well: golden wine (fr. vin d'or, it. vino d'oro), »wine doors«, our particular wind, called »bora«, and in addition you can stress an ambitious triumph in the verb »to win«. The significance of all these meanings brings a motivation for our work, development and our wish for opening the wine doors and offer you our golden wines.

Brightly coloured sun is the sign of trade mark VINDOR and in the same time the synonym of  our region. It appears as our identity and it gives us the power. It reminds us of a healthy man, full of working enthusiasm, a good vintner and wine expert and of course of a merry fellow.

Home-made Products

Count of Dornberg had a manor with a large fertile soiled garden besides. This area was specially known  to Dornberk inhibitants as an excellent geographical position where grapes, olives and high quality fruits were grown. Until our own production and trade of our product under trade mark ROSENPLATZ started, we had not known, that the Count himself had traded his products to Vienna under same trade name.

Speciality of our products is the fact, that they are home-made.

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